Rehabilitation Report

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Issue 15

Autumn 2011

Rehab Report - Autumn 2011

A good-news story from Return to work Assist

2011 is set to be a good year for Richlands local Tim Bailey as he finally returns to the workforce after suffering a severe back injury in 2009 whilst working as a mechanic.

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Returning to work after an injury or even a holiday!

In a recent article "Returning to work in the construction industry in 2011" Worksafe Qld emphasised worker fitness as an important consideration in returning to work after time off particularly after an injury. Returning to work may be a shock to your body, particularly if your work is physically demanding.


Physical fitness can decline in as little as three weeks if normal activity level isn't maintained. Muscle strength, endurance and flexibility may start to diminish the longer workers are away from normal work tasks. WorkSafe warns that when fitness lapses, there is greater risk of injury, especially sprain and strain injuries."


Employers should ensure workers re-develop job fitness during rehabilitation or following holidays or an illness . The same principles apply to workers new to a job. Production targets set for new and returning workers during the first few weeks should not be as high as those set for experienced workers and those who have not had time off work. Easing back into physically demanding work at a reduced pace, intensity and duration, allows workers time to condition themselves to physical and mental work demands.

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