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Issue 18

Summer 2012

Insurer Report, Summer 2012

Return to work assist good-news story

David is a 50 yr old Terminal Operator who sustained serious injuries to his right leg after he was hit by a truck while riding his motorbike to work.

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Latest statistical trends

Statutory claims

New statutory claims over the past twelve months (to October 2011) of 103,413 are up slightly (1.7%) on the previous twelve months. Psychological / psychiatric claims continue to increase and have increased by 6.6% over the last twelve months. The source behind this increase is non-government psychological / psychiatric lodgements, which have increased by 12.6%. In comparison, government psychological / psychiatric lodgements are down 3.6%. Government represents approximately one-third of all psychological /psychiatric claim lodgements.

Common law claims

The first quarter of common law lodgements for 2011/12 are above that expected. Early estimates place the increase in common law lodgements in the magnitude of approximately 5% to 10%. At this early stage, there is no one segment that appears to be driving the increase.  The increase in common law lodgements is partially offset by a lower average cost of $130,218 (down 8.1% over the last twelve months).


Scheme payments

Scheme statutory payments have increased by 9.0% over the previous 12 months.  One of the main sources driving this is an increase in medical / rehabilitation (15.9%) and allied health costs (16.5%).  In conjunction with the increase in medical and allied health costs, the return to work (RTW) rate has increased by 3% in the last six months.

RTW rate by month


RTW stats


Scheme common law payments have decreased by 6.6% over the last twelve months. The main source for the reduction in common law payments has been attributed to a reduction in claim settlements.


Review applications

Review applications show no sign of slowing down and are currently up 13.1% compared to this time last year.  The key driver behind the increase is applications from rejected claims (up almost 30% over the previous twelve month period). However, the number of rejected claims within the scheme increased by only 3.9% - resulting in an increase to the rate of review from insurer rejection to review application.


Appeals served

Over the last twelve months, the number of appeals served has increased by 26.3%. There are no significant segments driving the recent increase. The recent experience simply appears to be in line with growth in review applications.

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2 Responses to this article

Andrew Houltram says:

December 16th 2011 at 15:49

Without knowing how 'expected' common law numbers were determined, it is difficult to know what to read into the statistics. Two enhancements would help: 1. inclusion of a recent history of lodgement numbers, then the expected values together with most recent actuals. 2. some sort of accident period breakdown. Kind Regards, Andrew

Hani says:

December 16th 2011 at 16:16

Hi Andrew, thanks for your feedback. Your comment will be passed on to the people who provide the statistics for their consideration.

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