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There are a number of different methods of contacting us and they vary depending on what your reason is. If you are going to ask us a general question about a service we provide, please view the Frequently Asked Questions first, to see if the answer is available on this website.


If your question is not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please contact us using one of the following methods:

Online Enquiry

Use our online enquiry form to submit a question or request

Post us a letter

Postal address

PO Box 10119


Adelaide Street

QLD 4000

Visit us in the Brisbane CBD

Street Address

347 Ann St

Brisbane City

QLD 4000


Email, phone or fax

Review of Insurer 739 021(07) 3020 6375
Appeals of Review 361 235(07) 3020 6309
Medical Assessment 738 197(07) 3020 6380
Health Professionals enquiries--1300 361 235--
Injury Payment
General 361 235--
Data Management 361 235--
Education and 362 128--
Legal 361 235--